Welcome Friends!

This site is called The Happiness Zone for a reason:  We want our members to be happy while they are here.  So, please follow these simple rules to help keep this a positive and happy place:


1.  Be kind to each other.


2.  Respect each other.  Name calling, personal attacks, harassment and bullying are unnecessary  and will not be tolerated.


3.  Flamers, spammers, trolls, or other unsavory characters will be banned immediately. No reason will be given. The same applies to members who swear, post pornographic pictures, etc.


4.  Try to use correct spelling and grammar.  It is easier for members to read and to understand what you mean.  If you want to emphasize words, please put them in italics or quotation marks as using all capital letters is considered shouting.


5. Before you start a thread, check that there is not another thread on the same subject. One way to do this is to use the “Search” feature.  Multiple threads will be merged into the previously existing thread.


6.  Do not promote your own site on The Happiness Zone without the permission of an Administrator.  


We, as administrators, do post a lot of threads, but nothing we have to say is any more important than anything you have to say or post.  We want you to join in too! 


If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please drop in on our Help forum or send a "Dialog" to Stone, our Moderator, or to either one of us.  We're happy to help and we'd love to hear your ideas.


Peggy and Kris

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