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Grace is one of my favorite words.   There are many ways we can think about grace, some in relation to faith and some not. 

What does “grace” mean?  Grace is simply a kindness or favor one person shows to another, even if it is not deserved or earned.”   We can also think about grace as “generosity of spirit – a capability to tolerate, accommodate or forgive.”

The words on this plaque resonate with me and I hope they will with you too….

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Those words not only apply to my life, but also to The Happiness Zone.   Loving each other comes easily.  Joy, of course, is chosen here.  But grace isn't always the easiest to give. 

Most of us think about receiving  grace, but we don’t often think about giving it.  Yet, grace is not only something that is a gift to us, but something we are to give freely to others. 

When I see that plaque, I am reminded how much grace is shared here on The Happiness Zone. 

And I am reminded too of how much each of us needs to share grace with others.  After all, grace doesn't come from us anyway.  Grace is just letting God work through you and me to provide grace to others. 

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